Honda Corporate

Doble Motorcycles were one of the first fleet dealers in the country.

Doble Motorcycles - A Honda Fleet Dealer

Businesses looking to save time and money in fleet transportation costs can now easily incorporate motorcycles, thanks to a new service launched by Honda (UK).

Honda Corporate

Doble Motorcycles has become one of the first dealers in the country to introduce a specialist motorcycle fleet service, we're aiming to grow our presence in the corporate market and provide the best in support and advice to business customers.

We are one of only six existing Honda (UK) motorcycle dealers who have recently been officially recognised as the first fleet specialists with the award of a 'Honda Corporate' plaque. We are interested in hearing from local businesses, supported by the new Honda Contract Hire product - exclusive to corporate dealers.

Regardless of the size of your fleet we have the infrastructure to offer the same high level of service and support. We want to help whether you only need one bike or thousands.

Honda Fleet

Honda (UK) aims to increase the sale of motorcycles to the corporate sector by offering specialist knowledge and a professional service; and by emphasising the many benefits of doing business on two-wheels, and on a Honda, which can be summarised as follows:

  • Low CO2 – helping meet stringent emissions targets
  • High fuel economy – keeping rising fuel costs down
  • Increased productivity – beating congestion, realising productivity savings of up to 75%
  • Lower purchase and lease costs
  • Road tax from as little as £17
  • Congestion charge Free
  • Free Parking in the majority of cities in the UK
  • High residual values – capitalising on high demand for used models created by strong export market
  • 20% Benefit in Kind taxes – keeping the fleet rider's costs down
  • Honda reliability – minimising fleet downtime from being off the road
  • Honda professionalism – ensuring specialist support through some of the best-trained people in the industry

Honda Contract Hire

Curious about adding motorcycles to your fleet?

Call us and make an appointment, we'll come to you and carry out a free assessment on whether motorcycles could benefit your business.